Ancillary/Support Services

The clients of PAL are provided with a one-on-one job coach to assist with all life skill areas such as self-care, motor skills, self-direction, capacity for independent living, and behavior. The job coaches help the clients meet their goals in the program as well as in their volunteer positions. Another service provided to the clients is weekly group meetings with the Daily Living Skills Specialist. The emphasis of the group is to enhance client skills in a variety of areas. The clients also take part in Client Council Meetings. In these meetings, the clients are able to express their likes and dislikes as well as things they would like to see happen in their program. The clients are offered classes in Occupational Skills Training.

The Ancillary Support Services that are available to clients of PAL are occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Therapy sessions usually last for thirty minutes. The focus for the clients who are ambulatory is on strength, range of motion, balance and mobility. For clients who use wheelchairs, therapy stresses exercises to increase strength, relaxation of spasticity, and range of motion. Speech therapy focuses on better ways for the clients to communicate effectively. The therapists also instruct the job coaches on techniques to use when communicating with clients.

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