Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

The uniqueness of PAL allows us to have an almost 1:1 staff to client ratio where needed. Therefore, as the program grows, so do the employment and volunteer opportunities.

The primary focus of the Program Manager/QMRP is to oversee all daily activities of the program and to directly supervise the job coaches. The job coaches follow a weekly schedule and work directly with the clients to ensure all goals are performed and tracked, work is attended, assist on community activities, assist with eating and personal care. Both positions are an important piece of the partnership. Most clients receive ancillary services. Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists are partners that offer assistance in daily programming.

If you are interested in employment with the Partners In Adult Learning contact: Sheila Lullo, Vice President, Clearbrook, 847-385-5015

Clearbrook is always looking for volunteers to undertake a variety of opportunities. Transportation begins at 8 A.M. There are two separate routes. Each route needs a person to drive and a person to aide and assist. Throughout the day, there are volunteer opportunities to assist the job coaches with their daily activities. The hours are open and arranged by the Program Manager with the volunteer. Volunteers may work as many hours as they want.

All employees and volunteers are required to attend training courses ... First Aid, CPR, Behavior and Aggression Management, and Driver Safety. Classes are held at the Central Road location and are free of charge. Certificates are awarded upon completion.

If you are interested in helping with this new innovative program contact: Nanci Chesek, Director of Volunteer Services, Clearbrook, 847-870-7711
Ext. 5016

For further information please contact us at ClearbrookPAL@aol.com or call
 Sheila Lullo at 847-385-5015