Technology, Equipment & Transportation

PAL has many assistive technology devices to use while the clients are involved in programming. They include:

  • Computers with many programs both educational & recreational.
  • Big-Mac switches to help facilitate communication.
  • Easy Stander to help clients in wheelchairs maintain the ability to bear weight.
  • SureHands Lift to assist with transferring clients to and from their wheelchairs.
  • Rifton chairs for personal care and feeding.

Each client also has their own existing communication devices. Leisure equipment in the program includes:

  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Specialized reclining chairs to provide pressure point relief and relaxation.

PAL provides door-to-door transportation both in the morning and afternoon. We have vehicles that are equipped with wheelchair lifts and tie-downs. Each vehicle is also provided with a cellular phone to be used in emergency situations.

For further information please contact us at or call
 Sheila Lullo at 847-385-5015